edgePopular in the USA but only just taking off in the UK. We can Edge Paint either 700 gram or 1050 Gram Board with an edge painted colour . We have 12 different colours available of special inks imported especially from Japan. Colours include, Gold, Silver, Red, Blue, Mustard Yellow, Tea Brown, Fluorescent, Green , Purple and Yellow, Teal, Light Coral to name a few.

The edges of the cards are then hand painted to create a stunning effect. Again these cards can only be foil printed, but what stunners they are!

Please note that printing on this stock is primarily for smaller quantities from 100 – 3000 cards only and also be aware the stock and the whole process is expensive so do not expect ‘Vista Print‘ prices. This is a pretty unique and hand finished process. Duplex and Triplex stock is made to order and this takes up to 7 working days.

As one of the few commercial printers to offer edge painted business cards you will be stunned and amazed with the effect. On these orders allow up to 15 working days.

Other Specialist Services

Ultimate Cards

We have noticed a trend for ever increasing weights of business card stock over the last few years and we are happy now to provide a bespoke service for those people requiring the ultimate in business Cards

We call them ‘Brick Thick‘ Cards upto 1050 gram weight of stock.

Digital Printing on 350gram to 400 Gram Stock

We can now digitally print as well as foil business cards up to this weight using a high quality Ivory/White Business card stock from the Fedrigoni Splendourlux Range. This is ideal for everyday business cards.

G. F. Smith

smithG.F. Smith are possibly the finest commercial makers of Paper in the UK based on the range available. Not only do they have a great range of colours in the Colourplan suite ,they can also provide over 20 textured finishes for their boards ( please note some may not be suitable for foil printing). Also they make to order their Duplex and Triplex Stock at a minimum of 25 x SRA2+ size sheets. If you wish to order this stock please allow upto 7 workings days for this to be made.

We are delighted to be working with GF Smith and there utterly magnificent range of Papers, Boards etc.. from Colourplan , Nomad, Parch Marque, Peregrina to Gmund we can get them all
We now can stock a full range of GF Smith Colourplan Boards approx 40 colours available and this can be in the following weights ( bought to order) and also available with over 20 different surface finishes.

  • 100, 120, 150, 175, 270 gram
  • 350 gram
  • 540 gram – Duplex Board
  • 700 gram – Duplex Board
  • 1050 gram – Triplex Board

Duplex Boards as the name suggests these are two boards that are laminated together to create this thickness of stock. The boards do not even need to be the same colours therefore you can have white on one side and a different colour of board on the reverse and then print on these using our hot foil printing method only in a range of either Matt, Gloss or Metallic Colours.

Triplex Board are three 350 gram Boards laminated or sandwiched together to create a massive 1050 gram weight board ‘Brick Thick’.

You can create a wonderful effect for example of say 2 pieces of Black Board Stock with a Red Board sandwiched in-between for something really special. Then this can be printed or even debossed on both sides.