Metallic Hot Foil Printing

The most commonly associated type of printing with the hot foil/stamping method. This involves putting metallic colours onto a variety of substrates (The material you are printing onto eg:- paper or card) Gold and Silver are of course the most popular colours as you would expect, but there are approx another 30-40 other metallic colours available to choose from should you so wish.

Holographic Hot Foil Printing

Holographic Foils are often associated with security printing for the main reason that they are difficult to copy and forge (they are also more expensive to print with and emulate) therefore most people might be familiar with them on tickets for concerts or security labels, but holographic foils lend themselves to much more than this. They are ideal for Party invites, Serviettes/Napkins Wedding Stationery and Greetings Cards and of course Business Cards.

foiling-2When using Holographic Foils the ‘mantra’ in my opinion is often less is more and just using a little holographic foil can make a design ‘stand out’ and really jump off the page. Whilst a little more expensive to use they can really lift a design and turn it into an extraordinary visual design statement. Use too much Holographic foil and your design can look a little cheap and tawdry .

Matt and Gloss Foils

It always amazes me that people are stunned with the fact that non metallic foils exist and are widely used in industrial processes. Again a wide range of colours are available across the whole spectrum. Often these non metallic foils are used to mark plastic items such as cosmetic items, plastic casings and housing for materials where they can not be effectively be printed via Pad or screen printing processes. So many of the large industrial rubbish bins and eurocrates/containers are simply foil printed in Black, this is both cost effective and durable.

Full Colour Printing and Foiling

A number of our clients ask us to print in full colour and then add foil to the finished product. We are delighted to undertake these jobs and have the latest and up to date Konica Minolta printers that can print up to 350 gram stock, which can then be over-foiled if required.

We can print for you a vast range of full colour printed items from Letterheads, Compliment Slips, Business Cards ( Single and Double Sided), Brochures, Flyers, Menu’s, Invoice Sets, Postcards, please just ask and we will be happy to provide you with a quote at competitive prices . If you are looking for larger quantities then look no further with our print partners we can offer you large volume Litho Printing and Large Format Printing and Signage to cover all your need.

Sublimation & toner hot foil printing

If you want to produce a one-off or very small quantity of foil printed items, we can use a sublimation technique which avoids the need for plates or blocks but can produce stunning results on paper and light card. The text and or image is created on a PC or Mac and then printed on a laser printer. The printed card is then processed in a sublimation/hot foil printer which applies the foil only to the printed areas.