We have been hot foil printing since 1991 so I now have over 20 years of experience of hot foil printing from the perspective of running both a small printing business from home and then as we have progressed we now run a full time commercial printing business from premises located in Droitwich in the West Midlands close to motorway links of the M5, M6, M42, M50 and M42.

We are passionate about hot foil printing and have now made this my full time business and to date have trained over 200 customers who have gone on to hot foil print and set up their own businesses, some I might add are even more successful than myself.

We currently offer an introductory days training session for both novice and budding hot foil printers that are tailor- made to your requirements depending on which area of business you wish to target.

We use easy to explain language for the layman and teach you some industry jargon so you can understand other people that you may come across in the industry and whether you are 18 – 70 I can get you printing and so much more in under a day.

Courses are designed to fit into your work schedule and start around 10.30 am to give you time to travel to the Midlands . We break around 12.30 – 1.00pm for a light snack and then hope to finish around 3.30 – 4.00pm so you can miss the busy rush hour traffic and get home with ease. If you hope to purchase a machine on the day of your training then please allow a little extra time. If you are coming from further a distance , I am happy to organize or suggest local friendly accommodation .

Normally courses are based on one to one or two to one tuition, but I am happy to take upto a maximum of 3 people at once, so you can be assured of individual attention. If you wish to be trained and then subsequently would like to buy a hotfoil machine then I shall take the price of the training off your purchase price of your machine. This is valid for any machine that you buy over 600 pounds + VAT.

Typically I cover some of the following in your session

  • Foils, their manufacture and use’s
  • Your Foiling Machine and how to use it
  • Setting and working your Machine
  • The relationship between Pressure , Dwell and Temperature a guide to the perfect impression
  • Temperature Control
  • Backing Substrates
  • Manufacture of Die, Blocks, Plates, what to use and when
  • Using your machine for Die Cutting
  • Numbering, Perfing and Creasing with the hot foil printer
  • Hints and Tips for Foiling
  • How to present artwork to the engraver
  • How to sell your products and where to market them effectively
  • How to get ahead in the wedding stationery business
  • Advice on making your own greetings cards
  • Lists of recommended Suppliers for all your consumerables
  • Some sample business cards to use as examples
  • Training on Sublimation/Toner Foil Printing

A days training session will cost £195 + VAT per person. We can also cover at an extra charge a basic course on typesetting for the hot foil printer. Please ask for further details (this is not covered in the main day course).

These are just some of the areas I can and will cover for you.

If you just wish for some free advice or want to come down and look at a selection of machines I will be happy to help you with no obligation, as we have done this for countless people in the past. We will be just happy to assist so you get into hot foil printing to right way without it costing you thousands of pounds through some unscrupulous dealers. Although we sell Polydiam Products we are totally unbiased and will give you an honest opinion on any hand machine new or second-hand on the market as we have used them all whether you would like a machine from me or from someone else.

Also when you train with us we make you a nice cup of tea and always have a few chocolate biscuits to hand!