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Free half day training worth £150+VAT

£2999.00 + VAT and Shipping 

We our proud to announce that we have been taken on as the UK distributors for Kobo Hot Foil Machines .

I personally have been aware of the Kobo brand and using Kobo hot Foil printers over the last 25 years and following a meeting with the Business Development Manager Stanley Ng in his Hong Kong Office we have been granted a UK dealership.

Kobo are a renowned Brand and certainly not to be classed with ‘other Chinese importers’ as this is a quality brand and well engineered heavy duty hand operated/hydraulic machinery hot foil printers.

I have specifically sorted out a partnership as this is a brand of professionally engineered machinery that will last and stand the test of time as well as offering a good back up service.

If you are looking for reliable, quality hand operated flat bed hot foil machines then these will suit your needs.

We ship to order all machines so please allow delivery from the Far East, but do have a UK showroom based in the Midlands in the UK ( Bromsgrove) where you can view the most popular model in the Range the Kobo 338.

Please see below prices of the most popular models, but other machines are also available

Kobo KB 338 £2999.00

Kobo TC821 £3200.00

Kobo TC851 £3995.00

Kobo TC822 £7250.00

Kobo TC828 £9895.00

All prices + VAT and include shipping from Hong Kong FOB

Why use a Flat Bed Machine

There are two main varieties of hot foil machines namely , Platen Style and Flat Beds, both are equally good and serve different purposes and sometimes for some jobs only a Flat Bed Machine will do the job correctly .

The fundamental differences are as follows:

1. Flat beds often allow you to print onto deeper or thicker objects such as made up boxes and box lids upto approx 19cm ( TC 821 and 851 models) with the moveable head this gives you a variety of options.

2. Large Flat bed to place your work. If you are printing onto an A3 cover for a folder or similar size of material this can sit on the printing bed. If you wish you could even extend the area to take larger items if necessary, but Kobo’s are ideal for larger flat items that the platen style machines struggle to cope with.

3. Generous Hand Pressure when printing larger full out print area’s the 338 gives you a maximum of 1000Kg pressure upto the 851 delvering 2500kg of pressure

4. Toggle Action. All of the larger variety of Kobo’s from the 338 model upwards have a toggle action mechanism allowing you to accurately control your pressure setting to achieve excellent foiling results.

5. Foil print area the 338 print area is a massive 125mm x 220mm going to the largest machine in the range the 851 200mm x 300mm ( larger object can be placed on the print table , but this is the max print size.

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Kobo KB 338

Our best selling and most popular Model

This is an ideal machine for either someone starting out in Hot Foil Printing or for a professional printers, copy shop or finishing house

It has a very generous 8 x 5 Foil printing area (125 x 220mm) and 1000Kg pressure. This table top model is robust and will cope with anything from a business card to a full A5 wedding Invitation and more…..Weight 130 Kg

Kobo TC822

This is a semi automated hot foil printer that takes out all the hard work of foil printing by hand. Machine comes ready for you to add your own Compressor. Works with a foot pedal or via hand operated switches. It has a 10 x 6.3 inch print area (160 x 260mm) features variable dwlll function and a Max Pressure of 2000Kg and a throat depth of 7.5 inches

Kobo TC851

Extra large printing area of 12 x 7.6 inches (300 x 200mm) A4 size with 2000 Kg of Pressure. Heavy Duty although table top it is 145 Kg. It additionally has a throat depth of 7.5 inches to take boxes and thick Books or components. Top of the range hand operated machine when only the best will do.

Kobo TC 821

Entry Level Model for a machine with a variable head upto 7.5 inch throat depth but with a 6 x 10 inch print area ( 160 x 260mm).

This is a Heavy Duty Machine 182 Kg and a good work table size ideal for most small printers or copy shops going into Hot Foil Printing needing a good strong reliable machine.

Kobo TC 828

Top of the Range semi automated hot foil printer with Rotary table, 6 inch Throat Depth and 2000Kg pressure Gross weight 240 Kg. When you need fast automated functioning for component manufacturing this is an ideal machine for you.