Print Finishing

Producing a great printed product involves more than just putting ink (or foil) on paper. We offer a full range of finishing services that can make a dramatic difference to your finished product.

Embossing and Debossing

Printed type or graphics can be embossed (raised from the surface) or debossed (indented into the surface) to give a real quality feel. You can even use either technique without printing (blind embossing or debossing) for a subtle effect.
Embossing and debossing are most often used on thicker materials which will retain the impression such as thicker card or leather.


As Hotfoil printers we are also able to adapt our printing press with the addition of a numbering block to sequentially number items. such as, Plastic Cards to create numbered membership cards or numbered security cards. Loyalty cards are also another option for nightclubs or exclusive shoppers clubs. Please see some of our examples, we would be pleased to offer you more details should they be required.


For a luxurious finish to your printed items, or to add a wipeable finish, we can add a layer of gloss or matt laminate to one or both sides. This can be applied to items up to A3+ in size.

Signature Strips

We can print foil strips onto plastic cards using a special signature foil – perfect for membership cards.

Simulated Spot UV

Adding a spot varnish to printed items to highlight graphics or text can be an expensive process requiring large minimum runs. We can simulate the impact of a spot UV varnish by hot foil printing a layer of Mylar onto the area in question. Making it an economical proposition even for low runs.


finish-4Tipping adds a professional-looking foil finish to embossed areas – just like the gold or silver finish on the numbers on a credit card.


Most hot foil print finishing applications today will use engraved plates to impress the text or image onto the surface being printed. But sometimes hand typesetting can achieve superior results. We can offer a range of fonts and sizes as well as advice on which will produce the best results for you.

Oversized, Large or Thick Items

At our disposable we have a large number of hand-operated Hotfoil Machines ranging from Platen Style machines up to an 9×6 inch print area, as well as flatbed machines ranging up to a 8×6 inch print area. The Flatbed machines can also take up to a maximum of a 4 inch deep/thick item such as a box lid or bulky component. Meaning up can cover a wide variety of printing jobs and materials.