Hotfoil UK Supplies

Welcome to Hotfoiluk Supplies for Hot Foil Printers, Letterpress Printers and Digital Printers.

Whilst you may not heard of us before, we have been actively involved in Hot Foil Printing for over 20 years both as hot foil printers and suppliers of new and secondhand hot foil machines. I personally have been in the past the Chairman of FOILINK for 5 years and was involved in the organisation from its inception.

The good news is that we have also taken over the stock from Art Le Mere of Spee Dee, please see our shop for details on the products that we have to offer.

We also stock GF Smith Colourplan board in limited colours and in small quantities from 100 business cards upwards. We will also be able to duplex this board as well (for this service please allow 3 working days). As time goes on we hope to offer other services and become a one stop shop for foil printers and letterpress printers as we introduce new product lines

If you wish to contact me by phone I would be delighted to talk to you and happy to discuss your requirements.